7.sınıf ingilizce ders kitabı sayfa 20-21-22-24-25-26-28 cevapları (Doku yayınları 2012-2013) Yeni

Sayfa 20
Sayfa 21
d. Find your perfect holiday. Answer the questionnaire below, then have a dialogue with your pairs. Ask and answer about your holiday preferences and your reasons of choice. Share your answers with the whole class.
A– How would you like to travel?
B– I’d like to travel by plane.
A– Where would you like to go/visit/see?
B– I’d like to go to the seaside.
A– Where would you like to stay?
B– I’d like to stay in a hotel.
A– Do you like adventure?
B– Yes, I do.
A– Which activity would your prefer / like to do? Skiing? Safari? Sailing? Trekking? Rafting?
B– I’d prefer sailing.
A– How much can you pay?
B– I can pay up to £1000.
A– How long would you like to stay?
B– A week.
Sayfa 22
Work in pairs. Student A will be the travel agent and Student B will be the customer. Read your parts and the example first. Then, ask and answer questions about the holiday places.
Possible questions and answers (pg 16)
- How can we travel to Edinburgh?
- We can go to London by plane, and then we can go to Edinburgh by train.
- Where can we stay in Edinburgh?
- We can stay at a 4-star hotel.
- What can we do in Edinburgh? - We can go on an interesting tour of the castle, enjoy a spectacular show of music and dance, visit the noisiest museum, experience the underwater safari and fly in a hot air balloon.
- How much does it cost for one person?
- It costs £855 per person. It includes flight, train and hotel costs.
- How can we travel to Mexico?
- We can go to Mexico by plane.
- Where can we stay there?
- We can stay at a five-star hotel.
- What can we do in Mexico?
- We can do different water sports, play golf, tennis or go horse riding, hike through the jungle or try deep, sea fishing, visit museums and galleries, take a tour of ancient ruins and climb the pyramid, and swim with dolphins and relax on sandy beaches.
- How much does it cost for one person?
- It costs £1250 per person. It includes flight, hotel and transport costs.
Sayfa 24
b. Listen to the dialogues, fill in the blanks
and answer the questions.
Audio Script 1
A: Good morning. Can I help you?
B: Yes, I’d like a room, please.
A: Single or double?
B: Double please with a bathroom. How much
is it?
A: 55 pounds per night. Breakfast is extra.
How long do you want the room for?
B: Two days, please.
A: Can you fill in this form, please? That’s fine,
thank you. Here is your key. Your number is 203.
B: Thank you.
Audio Script 2
A: Good Morning, Stars Travel. How may I
help you?
B: Hello! I’ve just seen your advert for a cruise
in the newspaper and I’d like to find out more
about it.
A: Certainly. Is that the Mediterranean or the
Caribbean cruise?
B: Actually, I can’t remember now! Which one
would you recommend?
A: Well, when would you like to go?
B: At the beginning of June, if possible.
A: Right, well. There’s a Mediterranean cruise
departing on June 11 for nine days.
B: OK. How much does that one cost?
A: Prices start from 390 pounds per person if
you share a twin cabin.
B: That sounds great. I’ll discuss it with my
wife and I’ll get back to you tomorrow morning.
A: Certainly, sir. Goodbye

1. How much is the room per night in the hotel?
The room costs 55 pounds per night.

2. How long does the customer want to stay in the hotel?
The customer wants to stay for two days.

3. What is the room number?
Their room number is 203.

1. When does the customer want to go to the cruise?
He wants to go at the beginning of June.
2. How much is the Mediterranean cruise per person?
It is 390 pounds per person.
3. Will the customer go to the Mediterranean cruise?
He’ll discuss it with his wife.
Sayfa 25
b. Listen to the conversation and tell the main
point in the conversation.
Answer: The main point in the conversation:
Holiday arrangement

d. Now listen to the conversation to check
your answers.
Answers (pg 25)
5- 8- 11- 4- 2- 12- 1- 7- 10- 3- 9- 6
Sayfa 26
f. Read the text again and answer the
questions about Paris.
Answers (pg 26)
1. You can go to Champs Elysees.
2. You can go to Tuileries Gardens.
3. You can find it at the entrance of Louvre
4. Turn right at the entrance of the Louvre and
walk towards the River Seine. Cross the river, the
Cathedral is in front of you.
Sayfa 28