8.sınıf ingilizce ders kitabı sayfa 20-28 Arası Cevaplar (Dikey yayınları 2012-2013)

Sayfa 20

1. No, I don’t learn without pain.
2. Sometimes. / No, I do not.
3. Yes, I try to study regularly.
4. Yes. I study at a desk.
5. No, I do not take notes while listening to my
6. Yes, I always review at weekends.
7. No, I do not make a plan weekly.

Sayfa 21

1. Look at the picture on the left. Then
answer the questions.
1. She is in a bookstore.
2. She is holding a guide book.
3. Because she is trying to learn what it is about.
4. Yes I do. / No, I don’t.
2. Read the cover of the book. Work in pairs.
Discuss about:
1. It is a guide book.
2. She needs to learn how to improve study skills.
3. Because she wants to improve her study skills. /
She is interested in study skills.
4. She will learn effective study skills; she will learn
easily without pain, with pleasure. She will also save
time while learning and she will have long-lasting
3. Read the cover of the book again. What
can she do after reading it? Put a tick ().
1. T 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. F 6. T

Sayfa 22

4. Look at the pictures. What are they doing?
Write under the pictures.
1. She is studying with music in her room.
2. He is studying in front of the television in
the living room.
3. She is studying alone in the library.
4. He is daydreaming at his desk.
5. He is playing on the Internet at his desk.
6. He is studying at his desk.
5. Which picture suits your study habit?
Work in groups. Compare and contrast your
study habits.
Suggested Answers:
I study at my desk, but I don’t listen to music. I
always have a neat desk. I can never study in front
of the television in the living room.

Sayfa 23

6. Work in pairs. Ask and answer.
1. Yes, I do.
2. They are good /bad study habits.
3. I tried, but I couldn’t change them.
4. Studying regularly at my desk brought me
7. Read the text. Pay attention to the topic
sentence in blue colour, supporting details in red
colour and examples in green colour. What is
the sentence in black colour?
Answer: Conclusion sentence.
8. Read the brochure. Find a suitable
Suggested Answer: Good Study Habits

Sayfa 24

9. Read the text again. Put the sentences into the correct places in the brochure in the exercise 8.
Topic sentence: (f) Successful students have good
study skills.
Supporting details
1. (g) Make a plan.
2. (c) Don’t delay your studying.
3. (b) Set specific goals.
4. (j) Try to study at the same time each day.
5. (h) Don’t do too much studying at one time.
6. (e) Start with the difficult one.
7. (i) Review the notes before studying.
8. (d) Turn off your cell phone and the TV.
9. (a) Review your school work at the weekend.
10. Read the text in exercise 8 again. Then
complete the table.
Topic Sentence
1. Succesful students have good study skills.
1. Set specific goals.
2. Make a plan.
3. Try to study at the same time each day.
4. Start with the difficult one.
5. Review the notes before studying.
6. Turn off your cell phone and the TV.
7. Review your school work at the weekend.
1. Don’t delay your studying.
2. Don’t do too much studying at one time.

Sayfa 25

11. Describe the process of good listening in
class. Write down in short.
Suggested Answers:
Try to concentrate on listening. Don’t think anything
else. Try to catch the keywords. Take notes.
12. Look at the picture. Guess and answer
the questions.
Suggested Answers:
1. They are in the classroom.
2. The teacher is giving a lesson and the students are
listening to their teacher and taking notes.
3. Because, they will review the subject later.
4. Yes, I do. / No, I do not. I take notes, because it
helps me remember later easily. I don’t take notes,
because it makes me bored.
13. Listen to the CD. What is the subject
Mr Adams talking about? Circle the correct
c) Good listening in class.
14. Why is listening important in classes?
Work in pairs. Discuss. Give reasons.
Suggested Answers:
Listening in class is very important because it is the
first important process of learning.

Sayfa 28

19. Write a paragraph summarizing your
study habits.
Suggested Answer:
I always have good study habits. I study at my desk
in my room. So, nobody can interrupt me. Before
studying, I pick up my desk and put my books and
notebooks on my desk. When I finish my studying, I
give myself a break. Then, I turn to my desk and
make a plan for the next day. Finally, I set my alarm
clock and go to bed early. I know that regular study
and sleep bring me success, so I can learn without
pain and easily.