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  Sweet, is a taste suitable for all ages, I believe that few people can resist this sweet into the heart of the temptation. Dessert, as a representative of the food, is by many consumers love to pursue. Sweet taste, soft and glutinous taste, let the dessert industry quickly accumulated a lot of popularity, but also attracted the attention of countless venture investors. Among the top 10 dessert franchisees, the classic Taiwanese dessert with a high sales volume of 85c has joined the brand. When choosing desserts, people prefer those with good taste and authentic taste. 85 degrees c dessert to take into account the needs of consumers, but also consider the problem of difficult to adjust, in order to fully meet the different consumer groups, launched 20 series of products and hundreds of single products, with rich products to conquer the consumer, also conquered the consumer market, also proved their strength.
  Dessert franchise top 10 list - 85 degrees C dessert
  Taiwan coffee, bread and pastry shop 85c was founded in the hope that five-star products, affordable prices, the popularity of all corners of the world, with advanced raw materials and technology, to present a beautiful, affordable goods, so that everyone can enjoy five-star treatment and five-star feelings. Founded in 2004, is a coffee cake, cake baking shop, 85 degrees C is its signature. Now, starting from scratch, the chain, with more than 340 stores in Taiwan and annual revenues of more than rmb1.5bn, has overtaken starbucks, which has more than 200 stores in Taiwan.
  At the beginning of its establishment, 85c was popular among the public with the price of 8-star products and evaluation, not to mention the popularity after brand promotion. Opening an 85c can have many brand supporters and it is not afraid of losing business. To meet consumer demand as the core, with products to conquer the market. In order to meet the requirements of franchisee based on services for trust.
  A consumer market recognised brand naturally there is a business opportunity and 85 c many franchisees to the success of the operation is witness to the brand strength, with 85 degrees c, franchisees can in the shortest possible time, own a dessert napa stores headquarters will provide more effective support and help, effectively avoid all the problems of entrepreneurship, the joining trader can easily set up shop, quick profits.
  Today, the situation of the startup market is very good, and the country has introduced many policies to support entrepreneurs. However, many entrepreneurs still do not know how to choose to join the project. 85c has proved its investment value with its own efforts. In the process of development, it has been insisting on doing a good job in products and services, satisfying consumers' requirements with high-quality products, and helping franchisees start businesses with a sound franchisee service system.
  In the dessert franchise market continues to develop, 85 degrees c is to play a leading role in their own, with the concept of innovation to develop new products, with advanced consciousness to change the way of business, fill the service content. The ultimate goal of 85 degrees c is to create the most authentic dessert chain brand. According to the current development, 85 degrees c has indeed achieved its goal.
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